Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Never Ending Cabinet Project

I've been slowly working my way around the kitchen painting the cabinets.  This wall is now done (except for the knobs and handles).  I even fixed that bottom drawer that was really hard to pull out by replacing the glide.  I still have to paint the trim UNDER the cabinets but that will be last.

This section was next on the list.  It doesn't look like much but I also had to do the end on the left of the dishwasher and the backsplash as well as all that trim around the bar top.

My small card table has taken up permanent residence in the middle of the kitchen and an old plastic picnic table cloth is the drop cloth.

Almost done..

And DONE!   Last section is a bottom section with 5 doors and 5 drawers.  I'll probably end up doing it in two phases because I simply don't have enough space to set up all 5 doors at once.

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Rose Thompson said...

I'm so impressed - your new kitchen is beautiful! I have the same oak cabinets and I'm afraid to paint them and I don't know why as I'm willing to paint just about anything.