Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Mixed Bag

One warm afternoon Madison and I took Charlie to Milford for a little exploring.  They found a good spot for a couple of pictures.

I have said it several time and I'll say it again.  I love the farm where we board Mata Hari. There's a serenity there like no other place I've been.

THIS was exciting.  Someone else (Jenna) is riding Mata Hari for a lesson!  Mata Hari has pretty much just had me and/or Madison on her back except for a few "walkers" on her.  This was a jumping lesson and they rocked!

This family of geese...I was cracking up.

Madison and I went for a long walk one evening last week and caught this.  As we walked we talking about how much we both love walking in nature and I reminded her about all the hikes I use to take her on when she was little where we would talk about Indians and how they might have lived without modern conveniences.  Good memories of all the hiking we did!

Yeah, this apple tree. Apple bush.  Trimming it up didn't help it much.

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