Thursday, September 25, 2014


I bought this app last year thinking Equestrian Girl might be able to use it for her anatomy class - and because I thought it was uber cool (which was actually 99% of the reason for buying it if I'm honest about it).

This year, with Motocross Boy/Man going to public school for art and gym and doing English, math and science at home, I was pushed to figure out a science curriculum for him that would be educational yet not too time consuming considering his commitments to sports. 

Ah ha!  Visible Body can get used!  It's actually a pretty cool app and has built in quizzes.  I am creating questions within the notecard section on each chapter which will hopefully be enough "review" for the Boy to get through the quizzes.  We shall see.  So far he likes it.  I think.  I know I do!  Heck, I learned all kinds of stuff creating all those questions!

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