Monday, September 29, 2014

Homecoming Part 2 - Parade

After taking a very unprofessional and non-statistical survey, I'm not so sure many towns still have a homecoming parade.  But Whitmore Lake does!

This is a slightly different view from my normal parade spot on the other side of the street.  This was afternoon so we had to go with the shady side.  I was also only using my phone for the pics so they aren't so great.  You CAN see the leaves changing on the big maple on the right though...really early this year in my opinion.  It's not even October yet and we already have a lot of color going on around here.

The marching band:

Flag corps

 JV Football team

Varsity Football Team  - where's my kid??????

Oh, there he is - in the back of the truck. With Dad running out to give him Gatorade.

And Motocross Boy/Man got to play again!  This pic is horrible (via phone at night long distance and zoomed does NOT make for good photography).  He's the kid in his three point position in the red jersey on the right (there are two of them down).  I have video to post later once I figure out how to combine all the little clips.

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