Sunday, September 7, 2014

Evenings at the barn

We have a new horse at the barn...this little guy has so much mane it's crazy!  He's a haflinger.

I caught this view of Equestrian Girl giving Mata Hari a quick rinse after their ride looking through the feed room doors.

You can barely see the horse and rider (Equestrian Girl and Mata Hari) in this picture but the sky behind them was so beautiful.  I love watching them ride at sunset though I'll admit to get distracted by the background at times.

This girl loves her horse. The fiery clouds behind them (looking south) was just a bonus here.

Panorama shot looking west over the pastures.  So beautiful!

Again, looking south over the riding arena at the fiery clouds lit up by the sunset.

This pic is actually clipped from a bit of video.  Equestrian Girl and Mata Hari are starting to do bigger jumps and boy does she like having something solid under them!

I think this is actually the same picture as above but cropped in the form!

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