Saturday, September 6, 2014

My 2:55 Minutes of Fame this Week

I've been using eMeals for a couple of years now and when they asked on FB for a volunteer in Detroit to do an interview, I jumped at the chance!  Besides loving eMeals and being a true believer that it not only saves me money but motivates us to try new foods and eat FRESH, I love having my family sit down to dinner every night.  I believe it's a bonding time that can't ever be replaced.  Anyway, here's my few minutes of fame!
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Of course, once I knew I was going to do this, I had to go buy a new dress.  I rather like it!

 When I arrived at the studio, they sent me to the "Green Room".  It had one green wall.  That's where I met "Nitro", formerly of American Gladiators fame who told me how to sit up straight after we watched some ladies from Selfridge Airforce Base look rather slouchy during their interview.

I had hoped they would "do" my hair and makeup but alas, I wasn't all that important.  

They had brought me out into the studio before the show started filming to see how the iPad would work with the screen behind us and it was easy-peasy.  Then just as we were about to go on, it wasn't working right so they grabbed it back from me to fix and then later handed it to me where it STILL didn't show up on the screen right away.

Then it finally started working right and I was able to demonstrate the app.  The funny thing is that I almost never really use the app from eMeals and more often than not, just print it out even though on TV I said I use it on my iPad!  Since they had set it up as this great "app", I figured I had better go along with it that way.  It's not like I can't use the app, I just find the paper to be more convenient most of the time.

It was such a fun experience doing this interview!  I had a blast!

If you are interested in eMeals, let me know and I can send you a 15% off coupon.  

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