Tuesday, September 2, 2014


A couple of weeks ago I noticed the toilet upstairs seemed to be leaking a little.  After asking Scott to check the seal on it, I came home to discover a totally gutted bathroom.  Apparently it was more than a little leak.  Ahem.

Before he left for racing Labor Day weekend, he got the green board put up so I could spend MY weekend taping and mudding.  Not that I have ever actually done this before but isn't that what YouTube videos are for?  

My first piece of tape.  Not bad.

First corner.

And done with the taping!

Obviously not an exciting photo subject but I sure have learned a few lessons along the way now that I'm done with the 2nd coat of mud.  I've worked with plaster before but this stuff is a little different.  I was also about 20 years younger (where did THOSE years go???).  My right arm is going to fall off.  Seriously.  Who stole my shoulder joint and all the muscles that support it?

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