Monday, September 8, 2014


Motocross Boy/Man wanted to enroll in public school as a homeschooler. This meant taking at least 4 extra curricular classes to be eligible to play sports.  His main goal was to be able to be on the bowling team - it's a MHAA rule.  A rather dumb one to have bowling included in those rules but whatever.  

After a brief tour of the school a few days before classes started, he was recruited to join the football team. Varsity.  Ahem.  This kid hasn't played football since he quit the "little league" team when he was like 7 or something.  Oh boy.

Exactly one week later, we were sitting in the stands watching Friday night high school football as an epic storm rolled in.  #76 was standing on the sidelines patiently waiting to be called in.  And then the game got called for a rain delay that turned into a cancellation until noon on Saturday. 

Saturday afternoon we were back in the stands watching warm up - our boy all suited up and ready to go!

Look for the arrows to point him out - hard to find these kids when they are all dressed alike. And I thought it was hard to find him in the motocross pack of racers!!

Near the end of the game with about 30 second left to go, down by 2 points and not much hope to move the ball, the coach called him in!!!

And Perry, the other team, downed the ball like 4 times to run out the clock after using their last time out.

But my boy is a good sport and was one of the first to go congratulate the other team.

But wait!  There were a few seconds left so they had them run another play!

And then it was over.  On the good side of things, his white pants stayed clean!!

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