Saturday, August 23, 2014

Smelly stuff

I really like those little plug in things that make the bathroom smell good.  Face it, I have two males in the house and bathrooms can smell bad.  What I don't like is paying for them when they only last about 2-3 weeks.  Yeah, I know, that's how they make money.  I just don't want it to be MY money.

So off I go to Pinterest to figure out how I can make my own or refill the dang things.  And there are ways to do it but all of them just looked a little too complicated for me. I like easy.  Then I stumbled on these little gel things that definitely looked easy and could be put in small jars.  I have those.  I have lots of jars of all sizes from when I used to be Mrs. Granola and canned my giant organic garden to feed my babies (who were not wearing cloth diapers).  I miss my garden...

But back to the smelly stuff.

I was at Meijer the other day and wandered into their craft area and found these candle scents for $0.99:  Lemon Verbena and Basil something.  I like those well enough so I bought them.  I think I have a peppermint or something around here as well...anyway, I followed the two step directions that included gelatin and skipped the food coloring in two of them since I only had red (where does that stuff disappear to?).  Now to let them sit for 24 hours to solidify.  I had to put a sign next to them that says they are NOT to be eaten.  Gotta warn Motocross Boy/Man.  

My nose is having sensory overload now...

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