Thursday, August 7, 2014

Alert, Alert! I'm in FOUR pictures!!

We celebrated out annual Christmas in July last weekend which happened to be August 2nd...close enough!  Grandpa got himself a new iPad for Christmas and made sure I got in plenty of his pictures.  

Motocross Boy/Man arrived in a t-shirt.  I think he planned ahead to change into his new clothes.

Equestrian Girl LOOKS like she came naked. She didn't.  Tube top type dress down there! 

Sister Carrie and I were being a little silly.  Might have been the spiked watermelon/basil lemonade I was drinking.

I was being a bit of a photobomber in this pic - Miss O was modeling her new dress and I wanted in on the pic.  Love my little niece!

Ah yes, here are the new clothes though he looks much less enthused about them than I do!

My little girl, who is a good 8 inches taller than me, still likes to cuddle up in my lap for a snuggle.

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