Friday, August 22, 2014

A Sunset Ride

Equestrian Girl has a JOB!!  As in one that PAYS MONEY!!  Yes, this is quite exciting though it does mean that she is quickly learning what "long day" really means.  Yesterday after working 8 hours she made it home for a quick rest, dinner and then we headed back out to the barn to ride Mata Hari.  She'd had Wednesday off so skipping another day for a horse in training wasn't really an option. It was a beautiful evening if a bit humid...

They worked long and hard at the trot and the work is paying off.  They look lovely!

This little horse has a BIG canter but its so clear and rhythmic.  She's found her balance now and they are working on straightness.

 Ah this just makes me so excited to see what Mata Hari is becoming!!

This makes me happy too.  They have a love for each other that is pretty special.

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