Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Homeschooling 2014-2015

This was going to be a monumental change year in our homeschooling history with both kids enrolling in school for the first time in 6 years.  Equestrian Girl was going to be taking one class at the local high school  and the rest of her classes at the community College.  Motocross Boy/Man was going to be taking 4 electives there and homeschooling the core classes.

Motocross Boy/Man is still doing what we planned.  Or at least for as long as it lasts because we all have a feeling he's not going to like the structure of public school any more now than he did 6 years ago.  Even though two of his four classes are gym... But we'll see.  Maybe he will surprise us.  In the mean time, I'm ordering his Math and Science curriculum from Switched on Schoolhouse, then patching together an English class that will focus much on reading and writing.  

Equestrian Girl is a senior this year!  Well, she is again now.  We had smooshed all her classes done over the past 3 years into a two year transcript and called her a junior thinking we could enroll her at the public school that was and she could take 2 years of dual enrollment classes to transfer to university later.  After much juggling and talking, we found out it wasn't going to work.  If she enrolled at a homeschool student, she had to take one core class at the school and she could only take electives at the college but NONE of them would transfer.  If she enrolled as a regular student, she had to take a bunch of electives and again, nothing she took at the college would transfer to university.  So much for THAT great idea.

Instead, she's going to pack in the classes as a homeschooler and graduate this year!  Deep breath.  I thought I had bought myself an extra year with her at home but now, it just sped up too fast!  But I have a smart girl and she's being very smart about how she's going to tackle college so that she will have little to no debt when she graduates.  

I was fortunate enough to have no debt when I graduated but it seems that's so much more difficult for kids and their parents now.  I've been saving for their college tuition since we adopted the kids but it still won't be enough.  Not nearly enough.  Maybe enough to cover two years each if they stay local and live at home....

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