Friday, December 2, 2016


I finally got around to buying a rug for the living room.  I really like it.  Very soft muted white and gray.  Now to get a foot stool/coffee table...

Abby gave approval on the rug.  Doesn't she still have that puppy look even with all the gray?  She's 13 years old as of Halloween but you sure wouldn't know it much of the time.

I also finally got around to buying two more stools to fill up my barn.  I still need to paint them...can't wait for a decent weather day again so I can get at least a couple of them done!  The color is going to be great!

My sister mentioned that her Christmas cactus had tons of buds and started blooming like crazy when she moved it from the sun to the shade in the house.  So I moved mine out of the window to the middle of the house and sure enough, it started popping!

And popping...

And oh my it's so beautiful!!!

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OnTheBit said...

Abby really does look great! And I have never seen a Christmas Cactus bloom so much! Wow!