Saturday, December 24, 2016

Winter Solstice and Christmas Eve

The last day of fall and first day of winter:  December 21st.  It was fairly warm so I snuck over to the barn to ride and while it had been fairly cloudy, the sky turned pink right at sunset...pretty cool for the shortest day of the year!

Nobody can say our ponies don't have enough hay.  This HUGE round bale was put in their pasture 3 days before this picture was taken and this is all that is left.  OINK!

Ummm, wait!! This isn't my normal view from WAY up here!!  This mane isn't right, the neck is too long and thin and I'm really far off the ground...

Yup, I jumped on Vince for a few minutes today while Madison took a spin on Mata Hari.    He sure doesn't feel like Mata Hari.  He's so much narrower than her - it's like going from riding a giant trike with a big wide seat to riding a racing bike!  And did I mention he is tall?  Madison was yelling from Mata Hari that she felt like she was riding a pony after riding Vince.

And here is the Princess with her Princess Pony breathing hard after some cantering work.

Merry Christmas to all my friends and family!

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