Thursday, December 22, 2016

Horsey Selfies

Taking selfies with your horse is really difficult. Especially when you have short arms like me!  Mata Hari usually cooperates pretty well.  She's a princess after all!

Vince hasn't gotten the memo on how to pose for pictures.  Madison has it memorized.

You can barely see Vince's dark eye in this picture...he was NOT sure about what we were doing!

This was a different day when Madison was cooling off the OTTB after a pretty hard ride.  For those that don't know horses, when they get sweaty in the winter, you can't just sent them back out into the cold, even with a blanket on.  They need to dry off so these fleece robes go on to help wick off the moisture while walking them by hand.  Vince doesn't have a very heavy winter fur coat so it's especially important that we take the time to be sure he's dry before he gets his winter blanket back on and goes outside.


Rose Thompson said...

I love the coat Madison is wearing - great length! What brand is it?

PaintCrazy said...

Rose, it's from Costco! That's last year's coat but they have some that are very similar this year. They are great because they are down but not super heavy. I think it was about $40 so VERY reasonably priced.