Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Getting Crafty

I take three vitamins every day - two in the morning and one in the evening.  I hate leaving the bottles out in the bathroom but if I don't, I forget to take them.  I went to Salvation Army looking for some little jars with lids.

I forgot to take before pictures of them but found three for $0.25 each and painted them with some chalk paint I had that happens to match the paint I had used to do the chair in the bathroom.  A couple quick coats and a seal with the pearl wax.

I rubbed the wax in a little extra to distress some spots so they looked more used.

And voila!  Cute little jars to hold my vitamins!

The next project was for my barn door.  I wanted a little wreath for the "window".  This one I cheated.  I found two small "wreaths" to go around large candles that I really liked.  All I did was wire the two together for a little fuller look.

I think the size is perfect and once I figure out how I'm going to paint or stain the door, I think the silvery glitter will pop more.

Last one was a semi-Christmasy wreath for the front door.  This one was made from all dollar store stuff - sum total of $10.  I used white poinsettia bracts for the "Christmas" touch but the colors themselves aren't very Christmasy.

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