Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sunset Hack at Reign Creek Farm

Some how I managed to get the pictures on this page in reverse order...too many to try to fix!

This is the sunset at Reign Creek Farm tonight just as Madison finished her ride with Mata Hari.

This was looking over the hill on the way back up to the barn.

The Princess Pony

The duo

This is overlooking the pasture that Mata Hari will move to later this spring or early summer.  It has a nice hill to the right of this picture looking north.

They did a slow hack around this pasture.

This is looking up the hill.

This was heading into the pasture.

One of the several pond around the property.

Overlooking one of the preggo mare's pastures towards the back of the property.

Heading down the drive to the arena from the stall barn.

Riding past Mata Hari's pasture pal.

Going past the pregnant mares.

Heading out of the barn.

In the stall barn grooming

Outside the front of the barn overlooking the gelding paddock

Mata Hari's current pasture and her pal, the saddlebred.

Mata Hari in her pasture with the warm running water.

The owner's adorable old barn dog.

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