Saturday, March 5, 2016

Just another day at the barn

Madison has been riding Mata Hari pretty hard over hill and over dale the past few days so today was a "break" day.  We were just there to check on her and take a little walk with her to show her the sights around this cool new barn.

Of course, OUR first stop was to see baby Piper who was taking a break from romping around with Momma.

It didn't take long for her to get up and start dancing around enough that it was hard to catch a picture!

After getting Mata Hari and giving her a good grooming, we went for a walk around the front of the property which includes a big circle drive around the front paddock.

It was snowing lightly, no wind, and while cloudy, was a really pretty afternoon.

This pretty pair caused quite a stir with the yearling boys!  They were hilarious trying to out maneuver each other for a better look.

As we came around the corner along the back side of their paddock, they all gathered to watch.

And then all the sudden we had snorting and blowing and OH MY GOSH something is NOT right over there!!

Apparently iridescent blue metal horses are VERY scary!!

Me walking over to it and knocking on it a few times got us past but Mata Hari was still not 100% sure it was okay.

Then we got to the geldings...needless to say, they also fell in love.  The black one, Ricky, kept shoving the chestnut out of the way, it was so funny!

They were sad to the girls move on.

Last stop was to see Piper with Mata Hari. She was back up playing and Mata Hari was spellbound watching her.  And then Momma got a little annoyed at her interest and took Piper to the other end of their paddock behind the hot walker to keep her safe.

Just another day at the barn!

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Pamela Evans said...

Oh my goodness !! Such a pretty place for some pretty girls !! Little Piper is adorable !