Friday, March 25, 2016

Schooling Cross Country - the home made way!

Earlier this week Madison and Mitchell went out to the barn to ride Mata Hari and ended up creating a small cross country course in the north west hay field with some odds and ends they collected in various junk piles.

They started with hay bales and this old plastic window topped with a "snake" hose.

Then they found this old wooden spool and a big cast iron bell.

Some landscape timbers and old tires got lugged up the hill in the gator and became an odd but fun jump.

A bunch of old PVC pipes worked out well for some trot poles.

Then last but not least, the real creativity came out with these leaky water troughs filled with old hay.

Dan and Renee were pretty impressed with the creativity and now Dan is committed to building a "real" cross country course at some point in the future!  They have the perfect property for it so hopefully they can do it up right and even make some money off of it!

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