Monday, February 15, 2016

Senior Pictures

I went out on a limb and hired someone quite young and inexperienced for Austin's senior pictures.  And since it was the middle of winter, we decided to try doing them inside the school.  I mean, that IS what this is about, right?  I certainly love all the pics of the kids "modeling" in the woods and various scenic areas and we might try to do some like that later but something about doing them at the school - the school he spent a whopping 2 years at - seemed to speak to me.

We started out with a couple of quick shots outside on the football field.  Too cold for much there!

Then we moved inside to the auditorium where Austin participated in a play his first year (Junior Year).  We started out with his jersey on by the flag.  I kinda liked the patriotic thing.

This one on the stage was much more dramatic because of the lighting.  Makes me think of West Side Story.

While I don't love this shot, I do like the lockers and the reflection they created.  It might have looked better with a different shirt, bigger smile, something.

These stairs were half the reason for my wanting to do the pictures at the school.  I love the way they turned out and I'm shocked that the black clothes against the black stairs worked.

If I could substitute the smile in the previous picture onto this one, it would be my hands down favorite.

This balcony shot was iffy and required some serious editing to get the light right. We were shooting up into a very, very bright, light-filled crosswalk. However, I love the way it turned out and Austin is really the subject of the picture.

I love having great pictures of my son!!  He's so hard to nail down for good pictures like this.  Maybe a few more in the spring if I'm lucky.

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