Saturday, March 26, 2016

Good Friday at the Barn

Mata Hari was named after a WWI spy because she was always sneaking around her pasture and peaking out from behind trees as a baby.  She still likes to tuck her head in-between things like she can actually hide like that!

It was chilly cold today but Madison and I headed out to the barn to ride.  Our plan had been for me to watch her use her new cross country jumps but it rained ALL day yesterday and it was way too wet out. We ended up just walking for about an hour but it was up and down hills and exploring some new areas of the farm.

We found a path that led across a creek from what we thought was the far south west pasture but actually led to an even more southernly pasture.  It was actually drier than the northern pastures even though it was flatter...must be sandier soil.  From there we went through the gate shown above into a path that led past some ponds.

As I followed along on foot, Madison pointed out all the turnips!

I guess they've been planted for the deer but there sure are a lot still out there!

Earlier, these geese had spooked Mata Hari a little (but not the teenage boys that were on their dirt bikes - silly horse!) but up closer, she found them much more interesting.

We quickly ran out of trail because it was mostly under water so we had to turn back.  We stopped to visit the new horses in the lower barn.  This barn will soon be the indoor arena and these stalls will be moved outside into a shed row along one wall.

While we were in here, Madison demonstrated something new she had taught Mata Hari.

After that demonstration, it was time to head back to the barn.

The day had turned mostly sunny and we were totally enjoying being outside, even if all we did was walk.

Some of the open (not pregnant) mares came down to visit us as we headed back.

Sometimes we take this road back up to the barn.

That road takes us up past Mata Hari's pasture and her pasture pals. Here they are standing out in the sun waiting for her return.  

But today we chose this one.

On the way up we stopped to chat with some boys.  Mata Hari doesn't like this one.  I don't know why, he's quite handsome!

She liked this one better.  

And so ended our Good Friday walk around the farm!  Unfortunately, it wasn't tiring enough to keep Mata Hari from creating a bunch of "hoopla" this afternoon.  She jumped out of her pasture - clearing a 5 foot gate.  And taught her gelding friend how to do it too.  Sadly, he didn't quite make it and tumbled back into the mud.  

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