Monday, September 28, 2015

The New Barn

We have boarded at quite a few different barns over the years and all are pretty different from each other in a variety of ways.  This barn has about 20 stalls - 10 on each side - with a row of 4 grooming stations down the middle.  That's Mata Hari in the first one.  You can just see the entrance to the indoor arena at the far right the picture. Technically it's a separate building but has been connected to the barn with a "breezeway".  

This is Mata Hari's stall.  I'm glad she has a window and so does she - when she's inside in the evenings she likes to stand looking out.

Madison kept talking about this giant beehive on the trail that she's been taking Mata Hari on around the property. When I went out walking with her last time, we came on it again.  It's super low to the ground on this tiny bush which is kind of unusual but it's a "dead" hive.  No bees around it at all.

A bit dark, but my girls enjoying their trek through the trails.

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