Friday, September 25, 2015

Crystal Mountain

I have several new clients through work that meet in places all over the state (and sometimes other states) which means I'm doing a little more traveling than I used to do.  Last week I had a quick overnight at Crystal Mountain and was pretty surprised to find that I didn't have just a hotel room but a whole CONDO to myself!  A bit of an overkill for the 10 hours I was actually IN the room but...

It was on the golf course - 18th hole.  You can sort of see it outside the window.  The decor was very woodsy but nicely done.  It was apparent that the whole condo had been recently updated.

We had the exact same table and chairs set in our cottage!  The big chair was comfy - I didn't sit on the coach.  It looked slippery.

The weird lighting did a number on the kitchen in this picture but the cupboards were an odd choice for a remodel.  I was mildly disappointed that they didn't have a decent coffee maker in such a nice place.  The bathroom and bedroom were off to the right with several closets lining this hallway as well.  There was also a door that opened to the condo next door like they have in connecting hotel rooms so I guess if you have friends next door you don't have to go outside to get to their place.

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