Saturday, September 26, 2015

Mata Hari

Our little black horse was injured last spring. It was a suspensory injury in her front right leg which basically means, very long, slow recovery.  We spent months hand walking her with small increments of time increases, and then riding at a walk with the same slow build up.  Eventually we added some trot work and finally, 2 weeks ago, we started to add cantering.

We also moved barns 9/1/15 because our beloved owners of Foxcroft had decided they were going to sell their farm next spring.  The timing worked out - Mata Hari was able to get turned out in a small pasture and didn't need to be confined to her tiny paddock any longer.

Madison has been taking advantage of the grass trails that wind around the property at this new barn and taking Mata Hari out there for her cool downs.  She is becoming quite the good trail horse which should prove helpful when they start doing cross country.

The morning of these pictures was drizzling rain but I am excited to see how that background changes as we move into fall.  There could be some good photo opportunities back there!

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