Wednesday, September 23, 2015

47 Years

Not too many people can say they have been friends for 47 years...especially when you are only 52 years old.  Anne Marie and I met in kindergarten and have been friends ever since, in spite of going to different elementary schools.  During those years, we only saw each other in the summers at the local community swimming pool but it was enough to keep our friendship alive until we reunited in junior high.

As our lives moved on and changed, we remained friends and often made plans for trips that didn't always happen as careers and families took over.  But this year, 2 years late for our 50th birthdays, we did it!  It was almost last minute but worked out perfectly for the week following Labor Day.  I needed to go to Bay Harbor in Petosky for a short meeting and they had a great room rate.  Anne Marie, wanna go and make it a mini vacation?

We had a fabulous suite/condo comfortably decorated.

Full kitchen.  And that's a murphy bed on the left in what looks like a big cabinet.

Pretty bedroom with a semi-enclosed balcony.

Our first full day we drove to Charlevoix and did a whole lot of window shopping (this was after a very brisk walk around Bay Harbor of a few miles).  By 2:30 (according to the clock!), we were getting thirsty so we grabbed some drinks and headed to sit along the water at the docks here.

It was a pretty magnificent view of huge boats and beautiful homes. The weather was beyond perfect - 72 and sunny.

We strolled along the river that leads out to Lake Michigan and were in time to see the draw bridge open to let in some sail boats to the harbor.

This is looking north along the shoreline of Lake Michigan.  I love Michigan.

The lighthouse at the end of the walkway.

I still have to get some of the pictures that Anne Marie took of the resort itself (Madison and I stayed here a few years ago) but on this same evening, we poured a couple glasses of a good wine and went out to find a spot along the water to watch the sun set.  We saw some adirondack chairs by a bonfire pit and headed that way mentioning how cool it would be if someone would light the fire.  And VOILA!  It was already lit and burning when we got to it!

Seriously relaxing occurred as we warmed out toes by the fire, watching the waves lap in and the sun setting.  Just after the sun went down, a hotel guy showed up with a big basket of S'mores supplies!  Life is good at Bay Harbor!

Thursday morning the weather wasn't so picture perfect but we still started our day with a brisk walk around Bay Harbor and ventured out onto the docks in their marina, also loaded with fancy boats that cost more than our houses!  And then we spotted this nice little cottage.  Oh yes, I like this one!

Anne Marie had to spend part of this day on her own while I put in a few hours for the job that I was here to do.

After I wrapped up work, the sky started clearing and we headed into the town of Petosky for some shopping and dinner at a restaurant that had been recommended to us by some locals we met by the fire the night before.  I'm glad we took their recommendation...the food was fabulous and the view was stunning. But then, I can't say there are any views in this area that aren't awesome!

After dinner we stopped in the bar for glasses of wine and then back out to the bonfire for S'mores for dessert!  We engaged in some lively conversation with others that were there and wrapped up our evening tired and ready to head home in the morning.

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