Sunday, September 20, 2015

Back in the Saddle Again (not literally!)

After falling off the blogging habit for way longer than ever intended, I'm going to make a concerted effort to jump back in after almost losing my entire hard drive of photos. I figure if I at least get them published on my blog, I more or less have my photo diary forever.

Our WAY over-due project was painting the outside of the house.  This was a huge project that we did have quoted out to professionals but everyone gave us ridiculously high numbers.  It wasn't like we COULDN'T do this ourselves, it was just going to be time consuming and required decent weather.

We started the last week of August when I took the week off work.  We started with scraping and caulking and covering up the windows on the south side of the house.  Having all the windows covered up creeped everyone out!  We decided to go a bit lighter - more of a beige color than a brown.

We also decided on black trim rather than the dark green that had been used previously.

This was my view one day as I tackled painting the dormers.  It was a long way down to that concrete!

As redneck as it looks, setting up the ladder in the back of my truck worked really well.  I KNEW it couldn't slide out.  And it was a shorter climb down.  I was literally laying down on the room to get up under that overhang/gutter.

The other side of the house was a bit easier if only because its the north side and was in the shade.  Next project will be to get a patio put in off that sliding glass door.

This front side wasn't quite as hard since you had a lower roof to reach the peak - though putting a ladder on the roof to reach that center point was a bit nerve-wracking.

 Finished! With our cool house numbers made from horse shoes by our neighbor.

This back door still needs to be painted.  I'm still debating on the color...either black or red.  Actually, the deck railing still needs painting as well but you can't tell so much in this picture!

I'm really happy with how it all turned out.  The roof color looks good and I like how the black trim around the windows makes them really pop.  You never think about how many window you have until you have to close them all when it's raining or when you have to trim them all out with paint!  Holy smokes!

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