Friday, July 26, 2013

Traverse City Trip - 2013

Once again this year I had to do a work meeting in Traverse City.  This time it was on a Friday morning but I couldn't spend the we left on Wednesday!  And this year we took my mom for a fun "girls weekend" during the week.

The cousins hit the beach the minute we got there on Wednesday.

It was just as beautiful as it was last year in June.

The water was a bit warmer though.

The sunset still spectacular.

And the ducks still come up to the hotel at sunset looking for handouts.

Only difference is that I have a panorama feature on my phone to take cool pics like this one.

On Wednesday evening we drove out to Mission have water on both sides for much of the drive out on the tiny peninsula. 

The lighthouse on the point.  It was rather chilly with the cold air coming across the water so we didn't stick around long.

The girls walked out to the water here but Mom and I stuck close to the woods and then went back to the car.  It was chilly!

 Panorama of the sunset Thursday night.

We also took a trip out to the Sleeping Bear Dunes where the cousins had a blast running up and down the sand dunes.  It made us tired watching them! But it was a brilliantly beautiful day just made for sitting in the sun.

Almost to the top!
Later after the dunes, we dressed up a little bit and went out to dinner.  We had the wonderful staff at the Cherry Tree Inn take this for us.  (side note - this has to be one of THE best hotels in TC - LOVE this place).
 We went to Scalawags for dinner.  And then stopped at Culvers on the way back to the hotel for ice cream where EG found a very cute counter boy willing to wait on her and make her giggle and smile.  Kept Mom and I amused for quite a while!
Oops -  a little out of order.  Here's the Scalawags truck in the parking garage where we had parked.
 The girls then took a sunset swim in the lake.  About the 4th time in for the day!

Friday morning I did my meeting and then we headed out to Bellaire where I had some business at the courthouse to take care of quickly.  While I did that, Mom and the girls did a bit of shopping in downtown Bellaire (don't blink!) and then we had lunch at a little cafe.  From there...a long drive home but with lots of great memories going with us.

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