Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Christmas in July - 2013

We've been having Christmas in July for a long time now.  I'm guessing it's been at least 11 years or so...since the kids were pretty little.  It's always fun to get presents in the middle of the year!  Especially for me, EG and Scott - we all have winter birthdays.

Dad is missing in this picture as the photographer.

EG and O got lei's from her neighbor.  They looked so pretty!

Motocross Boy/Man got this little fan thing...but isn't he looking handsome these days?

Mom & Dad were happy with their gold pass movie tickets.

And the kids were looking ever so cool in their new shades.

O was thrilled with her new phone and EG loved her purple blouse.

Aww!  So cute!

It was crazy face picture - I think I might have won being smack dab in the middle and looking more than a bit contorted!

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