Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Busy Horse Show

The end of June we had a horse show.  The third in a series of 5.  Somehow Equestrian Girl ended up showing two horses. She's been showing Stanley in the open classes so she could compete against adults but our friend Sheri is pregnant and wanted her to show HER horse, Chilly, in the age group classes.

So she started with Stanley in Showmanship Sweepstakes.

Hi Jane!  This is our friend Jane and her horse Wyatt.  We love him.  Jane too.

Kathryn and Moulah trailered over with us. They board at Superior too.  Moulah used to be Stanley's girlfriend.

Then it was showmanship with Chilly.  Blue Ribbon!

In the mean time, Motocross Boy was helping to set up an emergency hot dog stand because the food vendor was stuck in the mud on the other side of the state.  He thought it was great fun to drive my car around the show grounds.

Next up was making Chilly look good in the hunt seat class.

And doing the same for Stanley in the senior horse class.

Quick change and it's bareback time back with Stanley.

In the mean time, Sheri decided she just HAD to show Chilly in the western classes 8 months pregnant.  She doesn't look it here, does she?

But here she does!

And then EG took over Chilly for Western getting compliments from the ring steward for making him look so good.

Sandhya and Sheri were happy to be showing together again, even if for just a couple of classes.  Last year Sandhya had a baby and didn't get to show at all.

A big horsemanship for EG and Chilly.

EQ had a good ride - she looks happy!

Chilly was just tired and wanted to go home!

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