Sunday, July 28, 2013

Trailer for sale?

Our horse trailer has served us well for about 5 years now...its never been much to look at (we call it the rolling battle ship) but its sturdy, safe, and gets the job done.  Stanley is comfortable riding in it and we love our cozy living quarters and really appreciate having our own bathroom!

Alas, all things change and its time to sell our old horse trailer since we won't be doing any more overnight horse shows.

Had to replace that top door...long story there but the new door is better than the old one by a long shot.  And stays closed without a tie-down or bungee cord.

This rear tack has toted our saddles to many shows.

And the three stalls have seen lots of horses besides Stanley as we've hauled friend's horses to shows or between barns.

The side tack room leads to the bathroom and has also served as an "mudroom" on occasion.

EG and I have spent many nights cuddled up in that bed...usually quite cozy but a few times with no heat when it was 32 degrees outside!  We slept with our clothes under the covers with us so we didn't have to climb out to get dressed in the morning!

And I've slept on that couch too.  Once with Austin on the floor next to me while EG and Scott slept in the bed.  Our friend Sheri has slept on it a few times too....

Lots of pots of coffee made in that Mr. Coffee...and never once did I remount it even though you have to use a funnel to get the water in the reservoir. 

And that little closet has held so many different show clothes...worth thousands of dollars at times.

And our great little bathroom!  Our horse show luxury.  

The shower served as a laundry room more often than as a shower but it was awesome having it just the same.  A longer shower curtain might have helped keep the bathroom floor drier...

Yes, many good times had in the old battle ship...she will be missed.

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