Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rolling, rolling, rolling....

Horses like to roll for lots of reason but their very favorite time to roll is right after a bath.  I think they know they are wet and the dirt and sand will stick to them better...

Unfortunately for Stanley, he usually gets a bath the night before a show and getting dirty again just isn't an option.  He's usually put in his stall with a fresh batch of hay to keep him enticed until he is dry.  And then he gets his pajamas on so if he rolls in his stall, he stays clean.

But last week it was super hot outside and after an early morning ride, he was pretty sweaty so he got a quick hose down before he went outside to the pasture.  As soon as he got past the water trough (you can see the wet spot from where it overflowed earlier in the day), he started sniffing the ground for a good spot.

And this was it.

Ahhh!  Gotta get that spot in the middle!

Ohh and that shoulder too.

Gotta keep the momentum going so getting up is easier...

And done!  A good roll in the dirt always feels so good.  To a horse.

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