Monday, August 13, 2012

Trail class at 4H Fair

Trail class has always been a favorite for my duo but this time it was a little different since they actually used real logs, bushes, and DUCKS!

You can just barely see the dried out branches under Stanley's belly.

You can see them better here.

He paid them no mind and moved up to the next obstacle where there was a sign that said, "Stop Road Closed".

Going between jump standards wasn't a big deal - we do that all the time.

These odd little trees didn't bother him either.

He did try to bury them in dust.

And then it was a side pass with DUCKS staring him down!  LOL!  He was interested but not overly so.  If they had quacked he might have reacted a little more.

Those tall weeds next to the bridge might have been a bit more interesting since they looked edible.

Last was picking up the bag full of somethings and carrying it around and back to the barrel.  Mission accomplished with no problems.

This trail pattern netted them a first place for their class and a Grand Champion for the show!

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