Friday, August 31, 2012

Racing at Polka Dots

I have totally neglected the motocross side of my blog so I'm obviously playing catch up.  That's not hard considering our last horse show was the beginning of August so I have no pictures to post on that anyway!

Polka Dots is one of my favorite tracks.  It's very woodsy and shady so it's nice for hot summer days.  You can't SEE the whole track like you can MPX though so there are lots of times that Motocross Boy/Man is out of my sight for a while and that makes me nervous.  

I can see him on the starting gate.  I make HIM nervous if I stand too close though.  

Only seconds off the starting gate and they are already heading into woods where I can't see them.

And then he magically appears coming OUT of the woods.

Still a ways a way but within sight at least.  Thank goodness for that great zoom lens on my camera.

Now he's back almost by his momma's side!

But I get distracted when he's back out of site and take pictures of planes flying in a two man formation up in the sky.

And this is when I'm thankful I'm behind the camera because if I actually saw him doing this little whip on the jump, I'd have a heart attack.  

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