Thursday, August 30, 2012

More at MPX

It always seems like so many of my racing pictures show Motocross Boy/Man alone but a race is not a race if you are alone!  Often there's 10-20 guys at the starting gate but as they spread out, it can seem like they are alone but they aren't!

They are side by side trying to pass.

Or 3 side by side by side heading into a corner to see who will take the lead.

Or following so close behind you just know they're going to sneak around when they have a chance.

Or it's my boy that's following close.

Or trying to bump someone out of the way in a turn.  They're mean that way!

But if it work, it means you are ahead of the next guy.

Until someone else ends up next to you.

Sometimes there's just a jumble of people and you can't figure out which way they're going.

It's easiest when it just looks like he has the place to himself.

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