Friday, August 10, 2012

4-H Fair!

Equestrian Girl has been in her 4H club for about 4 year but THIS year was the first year she took her horse to fair.  In the past, she just hung out and helped her friends.  This year she had her own horse to take care of and I do mean SHE had to do it.  Washtenaw County has strict rules about parents helping - as in we can't.  This was the first time she ever gave Stanley a bath totally on her own!

The first day is all showmanship.  She had a fabulous day placing first in her class.  She went on to the championships and placed first again.  This is the video from that class.  You may have to open the website to view the video - it might not work in a reader.  Or at all.

But in the end, after making it to the Grand Champion Class, exhaustion got the best of my little team and they forgot to back in the pattern.  Oops.  She still came out with a great blue ribbon!
Later that first night as I came around a row of cars, here was this girl playing with her pet chicken.  Apparently she needed some air!

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