Tuesday, August 14, 2012

English Day at 4H Fair

English Day was also very long and didn't end until the wee hours since EG made it to the finals for Grand Champion.  And again, had to go back and forth between saddle and bareback on a very hot and sweaty horse.  Not sure I could have done that. YUCK.

The judge insisted she needed shade and had them set up this shade tent which she never ended up using.  She did let all the horses get used to it before she started judging but that just took up extra time.

In this class she had them riding in the 2 point position for almost two full laps around the arena.

Catching sight of mom and flashing a cheesy grin!

Bareback on the sweaty Stanley.  He was happy to be sans saddle - much cooler!

The girl in this picture with EG used to board with us back at another barn.  She's still there but using another trainer.  Her horse is zippy fast - I give her credit for staying on bareback!

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