Friday, June 15, 2012

A Winning Horse Show

June 10th it was hot.  Like bright sunny sky no escaping the heat kind of hot.  Luckily, Stanley does well in hot and Equestrian Girl does too.  And even luckier that my classes were in the morning although it was still too darn hot.  We brought home ALL blue ribbons for our pain and suffering in that hot.

Love the intensity of the focus in this picture by both horse and kid.  Need to photo shop those legs out of the pic coming out of Stanley's throat!

Setting up for showmanship.  Flawless pattern.

The judge thankfully announced that hunt coats were optional after seeing the dripping adults in the first English Pleasure class.  Surprisingly, Equestrian Girl was one of the only kids in her class that snapped up that option.  I'm guessing that the others thought that wearing a jacket would improve their odds of placing well.  Kids don't like to dare to be different in this environment.

This picture was a fluke but I love how the horses look so different with one being an upright saddle seat horse and Stanley being a stock horse but their legs are both doing the exact same thing!

The classes were huge at this show - this is less than half the class.

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