Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Horses of the Island

Since this blog IS supposed to be about horses, I took plenty of horse pictures!

This red roan was pulling the popper scooper wagon!  He got to snack on the side of the road when his driver would jump down to scoop poop.

This guy wanted to snack but asphalt doesn't give you much to snack on!

This team would be so beautiful if the left one hadn't just peed in the street!

The line up of horse taxi's waiting for fares or tours.

This wasn't up hill but his team looks like they are working so hard!

This guy was quite the character posing for his picture!

I had thought about taking the girls riding, I've taken out the trail horses on the island several times before, but wasn't sure how O would do on her own.

But then I saw this group coming back wearing shorts and flip flops and no helmets...ugh.

I think this lady in the wagon hitched a ride..

Even the garbage is collected via horse drawn wagon on Mackinac!

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