Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to check out a new arena

These three horse are old hat at showing and the three have shown together for 4 years now but this arena had new fencing and there were some new elements that weren't there last time that they don't see much - dressage rails and jumps.  So the girls decided to do a walk around after warming up in the main arena to let their ponies check things out.

This side wasn't all that interesting.

The far side had all the new obstacles but the buddies stuck together and were all just fine.  We weren't too worried about Stanley and Chilly but Briar (the palomino) has been off the show circuit for a while and has a new rider this year (Equestrian Girl's friend from 4-H who she's known for years).

Just a relaxed Saturday afternoon at the show grounds before the chaos of showing starts the next day!

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