Sunday, June 13, 2010

Allegan Show - May 5, 2010

I swear we had barely gotten the trailer unpacked on Tuesday when it was time to load it back up on Thursday!  We didn't actually finish until Friday morning but by 10:30 we were pulling out.  After a quick stop at the gas station for ice, we got to the barn to pick up Stanley.  The barn owners were putting in a new driveway so big semi-trucks were pulling in to dump loads of crushed asphalt.  We had to do some maneuvering but they found us a spot out of the way to load up.  Of course, Stanley was still tired like me and had little interest in getting in the trailer knowing exactly what it would mean.  We had to ask Cowboy Tim to bring his horse over to the side door.  Well his horse knows about shows too and wanted nothing to do with getting close to our trailer either!  He figured if Stanley was smart enough not to get in, he was too!  Fortunately, their stomachs always win out over their brains and Stanley started drooling over the hay bag and walked on in.

Then it was supposed to be a short trip over to Sheri's to pick up Chilly but construction held us up a bit - like why was there THAT much traffic at noon on a Friday???  We hauled all Sheri's stuff out of her truck and packed it into the trailer and then loaded up Chilly who was quite happy to see Stanley in there, and off we went to Allegan - a little over 2 hours due west.

The ride went well even though I-94 was filled with construction as usual.  I swear that road will never be 100% done.  We pulled in with fingers cross that the forecasted rain would hold off at least until we got the horses bathed and it did!  The girls helped me unload and get camp set up and then headed off to ride their horses while I finished getting settled and got dinner started in the crock pot.  When they were done riding we gave the horses baths and ready for bed with wrapped legs and sleazy's for pajamas.  Poor horses look so ridiculous.  I bet they can hardly sleep for laughing at each other.

By 10 we were tucked into the trailer ourselves with Sheri on the couch trying to decide if we were hot or cold or needed the AC or not and whether or not we should close the windows in case of rain or not.  We opted for low air with open windows.  We're weird.

The morning started early - as usual so the horses could eat before starting their big day.

There wasn't a huge turnout for the show (though more than we expected as a lot of people didn't show up until morning) it moved along MUCH faster than usual.  Halter for geldings started the show (no stallions there) and then moved right into showmanship.

Sheri's class with Chilly was first - she got to wear her new showmanship outfit!

Equestrian Girl's class was next.  Her outfit is now 3 shows deep so not so new but we still LOVE it!

Stanley's head is way too low in this picture but it shows off his newly roached mane!!!  Yes, Equestrian Girl roached his mane last week saving us about an hour in banding and it looks 1000% better.  I don't think hardly anyone even noticed.

Stanley loves HUS class.  He loves to pretend he's a big hunter-type horse.  I love it because the horses get to move more naturally and all the people have to dress basically the same.  I like that.

This is one of my favorite arenas to take pictures. You have such nice backgrounds with the big green hill and the deep woods with the white fencing...

The riders and their ponies...Stanley taught Chilly how to take advantage of every resting minute to grab a quick nap but he still looks tired I think.  Or maybe he was napping!


Aldercreek said...

Are there many horses at the Paint shows with roached manes? I saw a couple a few weeks ago at a CMHA show, after I had read about the new trend in Horse & Rider. I think this is an AWESOME idea, and saves so much time and effort, but I don't know if I'm ready to make the leap yet.

PaintCrazy said...

We saw 4-5 horses at the big Paint show with roached manes - that's kind of why we decided to do it. I'm still very glad about it. At our open show last weekend nobody even noticed and saved us a bunch of time!