Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Horse of a Different Color - part 5 - The end

It had been a really long first day but it was only 2 o'clock and Ace still seemed good to go in spite of having gone in almost every class with two riders all day.  Equestrian Girl decided she would take him in Western Riding, a class she has done only once before herself, and then Reining, a class she has never done.  Ace had never done either one of them!

Western Riding Class is almost all loping with lots and lots of lead changes as you serpentine back down the arena and then back and forth across it.  Ace did really well starting out and then all those lead changes just blew his mind and he started switching them at random - it was pretty funny to watch him get so confused but still trying soooo hard!

Reining class is also a lot of loping but fewer lead changes and they get to canter fairly fast.  Watching the really good reiners is a lot of fun as they fly around the arena but watching Equestrian Girl and Ace was fun too and they did GREAT until they made one spin near the end in the wrong direction.  Still a great effort for a first time class!

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