Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend show continued

We slept in until EIGHT a.m. on Sunday and it was glorious considering it had been almost 1 when we finally crawled in bed.  Stanley didn't seem too perturbed that he was the last one getting fed that morning but he was also the last one to bed and had hay after midnight when most of the others were dozing soundly.

After a fairly relaxing morning they got the games going.  Equestrian Girl had hooked up with her friend EH and they hung out watching an auction and walking around waiting for the fun to start.  They had a blast!

First up was the water class where you have to carry around a glass of water (sometimes in your mouth!) while doing maneuvers on your horse.  EG got 2nd or 3rd place I think.

Next up was the egg and spoon class!

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