Sunday, December 20, 2009

Old Houses

I really love old houses and the architecture. Our house was built in 1923...or maybe its 1927 - I can never remember - but it's been remodeled and added on to so many times it's hard to know what it was really like when it was "new". We find little remnants of the past when we remodel. Right now our master bathroom, which was an add on in the early 80's is semi-torn apart revealing an old opening in the original side of the house. Apparently the room we now use as an office (which was originally a bedroom) had a second window!

When we drive back and forth to the barn we pass this house. It's old and very beat up. The picture actually makes it look better than it is. It also sits very close to the street corners as you can see and while this isn't exactly a busy intersection, it does see a fair amount of traffic for being dirt roads. We always joke that Equestrian Girl is going to buy this house - she could probably afford it right now the way houses are priced around here.

This is another house that we pass. It looks a lot older than it probably is. I think it's a sad little house.

Now this house I love. I love the simplicity. I love that it's all white. I love the single wreath as a Christmas decoration on the door. I love that it probably has incredible lighting inside. I love that it's different.

We pass within 100 yards of this house every time we go to the barn but I never noticed it until just recently since we don't actually drive in front of it. And then the other day - it was waving at us! We just had to go closer and take a look and a few pictures.


OnTheBit said...

I think the little blue house is sweet. I would love a little home like that placed on 10 acres with my boys fields all around me. I always said my barn should be bigger than my house.

Tracey said...

I'm an old house nut as well. Ours was built (our first one, that is) in 1930 and like yours, it had little rooms added on here and there. The kitchen was crazy; a good sized room but had four doors leading out of it, to the living room, master bedroom, laundry room and bathroom!