Thursday, December 17, 2009

Count down...

Horses: Last weekend we went to a horse expo...let's just say I was glad we had free tickets. It wasn't overwhelmingly awesome. Supposedly the real Hidalgo from the movie of that name was there. We didn't see him. On the way home we stopped for fast food.

I don't remember Motocross Boy wearing a hat...but he has one on in this picture so I guess he did. How odd.

Homeschooling: Four days deep on the new scheduling and record keeping system and all is good.

Motocross Boy went nuts on the math today and is now more than 50% done with his math curriculum. The program he uses keeps track of his progress in a colored pie chart. He's filled up two whole sections of pie and parts of the rest! He loves seeing this visual and so does Dad - they show me all the time even though I log in almost every day to check his assignments!

More horses: I went to the barn alone tonight. I rode for about an hour. I am feeling incredibly relaxed and exhausted...I love it. I forget how much I love to ride when I don't do it for months at a time during the summer. Most of my horsey friends don't get to ride much in the winter...I do the opposite. Not sure I know how to ride without six layers of clothes on!


OnTheBit said...

You are not the only blogger that was less than impressed with the horse expo by you. Looks like fun times were had anyway though and isn't that all that counts?!?!

PaintCrazy said...

We talked to the owner of the expo center (he's an old friend of both of ours) and it was really thrown together at the last minute. They are using a different organizer next year and it should be much better. Hopefully. The plans are to have it like it was 5-6 years ago when it was really awesome.