Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Horse Dance!

Horses: We are doing a little happy dance around here with Equestrian Girl. The year end results were finally posted for the Michigan Paint Horse Club and....drum roll....she did fantastic! Three 1st places with a 1st place tie in trail. One 2nd and four 3rds. We are especially happy since this was her first year showing breed (Paint) and her first year riding canter and her first year riding Stanley!!

This handsome boy below is Floyd. He's Kim's boy - Kim is Equestrian Girl's trainer. We stopped out to see him at his new barn.

The little guy with Floyd is his pasture pal - a rescued pony that is now about 100 years old! Not really but he has grown the longest winter coat that I think I've ever seen on a horse - it's got to be about 4 inches long or more.

This is Kim riding Floyd. He just learned how to steer last week.

The two cuties below look like twins but they aren't. Both are weanling Friesians with one being a girl and one a boy. They have long YELLOW hair growing out of their ears and are just totally adorable.

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