Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Time of Year...

Horses: This is my time of year. Or it will be as soon as shopping is done. I truly enjoy cold weather and am happiest when I'm bundled up head to toe. I know how to dress for the cold and tend to look oddly at those who choose to suffer rather than just add an extra sweatshirt. I purposefully buy jeans that are a size or two too big just so I can wear thick long johns underneath. And the fleece turtlenecks from Lands End that I bought last winter are my best friends. My husband's old Carhartt is big enough to put over top of multiple layers of sweatshirts and I wouldn't live without my stick on toe warmers bought by the case at Costco each fall.

This is also my time of year because I get to ride. A lot. As much as I want. Equestrian Girl sits around being very bored while I take my dear sweet time bopping around on Stanley. Last night she gave me a lesson. She told me I was a terrible student. She set up a pattern for me. The first time through she gave me "last place". We tried harder and I got a "4th". Yea me!

Motocross: There is absolutely nothing to write about for our motocross world. It's on hold.

Homeschooling: We are in a good rhythm right now. Equestrian Girl is pounding out the work to finish by Wednesday ever week. Motocross Boy is working on math every day with Dad and is two clicks away from totally mastering division. He loves Aleks math and watching his pie chart grow.

I'm thinking about adding a new piece to our curriculum through Defined Stem Learning. We are doing a 14 day trial and I'm hoping the kids like it as much as I do. So far I'm quite impressed and for my very visual learners I think it's a good fit.

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