Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Equestrian Girl!

Today was Equestrian Girl's Birthday. She couldn't wait to open her presents this morning - luckily she slept in later than on Christmas morning. It was light out.

She liked her card.

She knew what was in this package.

It was this brown fleece jacket that we were going to have embroidered with APHA and her horse's name...but it didn't fit. The sleeves were too short.

The next gift was a surprise. She thought it was books. It was half a dozen frames for her ROM's (Register of Merit) from APHA. She actually only has 5 right now but the frames came 2 to a pack and no doubt she'll earn another one next year.

Later we went shopping, ran some errands and then went out for a semi-fancy dinner at our favorite restaurant - Stillwater Grill. I had thought she'd want to ride too but we really didn't have any time since we got such a late start this morning.

Happy 12th Birthday Equestrian Girl!


Cheryle said...

HAPPY 12th Birthday!!!!!!! your BFF kARI

OnTheBit said...

Happy Birthday!! And oh my are you in trouble with her looking like she is 16 when she is just turning 12!