Thursday, October 15, 2009

Winding Down....

Motocross: The guy on the right is Scott - Daddy of our children and Moto-Dad extraordinaire! The two guys with him are his friend Jay and Rick. Both live near us at home and have cottages near ours and came out last Saturday to watch Motocross Boy. I think they had a lot more fun than they expected. And we all enjoyed sitting INSIDE the lodges watching the racing going on outside. That was first. Normally we are standing out in the elements - good and bad.

More Motocross: Our pup is such a good moto-mutt (and yes horse people - that is a longe line she's wearing!). She never barks at the bikes, wags her tail at all the little kids and does her best to keep the flies at bay. She's the same way at horse shows. Just hangs out by the trailer waiting for someone to come by to pay attention to her!

Horses: Anyone who loves Quarter Horses and Paints loves their big butts. I also happen to like taking pictures of their big butts. It's a disease. You can't have enough pictures of these big butts in a show line up. You just can't.

Homeschooling: Now it's Equestrian Girl that is slacking on the school work. Today I was told she was done with all her work. I told her to take a shower (which I won't even get into how long it takes an almost 12 year old girl to take a shower - my mother would have turned off the hot water). At 7:30 I check her schedule and both Language Arts and Writing are blank. "Hey! Did you do these?" "I'll do them right now." Sigh.

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