Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Color Cornucopia

It's fall. It is most definitely and positively fall.

Horses: Being that it is most definitely and certainly fall, the horses at Legend Land were feeling quite frisky yesterday afternoon. Stanley even threw in a few bucks though I didn't catch any on film. Disk. Digital media. Whatever.

Once we rounded up OUR horse out of that herd (the only one wearing a blanket so he's not so hard to pick out!) of frisky geldings, Equestrian Girl did some serious practice and then mounted up her 10 year old cousin, "Wolf Lover" for a pony ride on Stanley. They were being rather goofy.

Football: (Yes, OT again!!) Wolf Lover was spending the day with us while her Mom (my sister) and David (my sister's boyfriend) went to the UofM game to see our cousin Tate Forcier play. They sat with his brother Jason who used to play for UofM too and happily just got a job in San Francisco so he can be back near his girlfriend. Tate was being swarmed by young ladies all very anxious to meet him. Many thought David was his Dad which was a hoot - they all had a great time and Carrie couldn't say enough nice things about both Jason and Tate and how gracious they were.

Motocross: This is a picture taken in our yard up north. I like it because I can see Motocross Boy's eyes - can't normally see them in most of our race pictures!!

Homeschooling: I spent an hour this morning finding fun math games on line. Motocross Boy needs to do some review on his math facts before we can keep moving ahead it seems. He says he filed them too far back in his brain and they won't come out now. They are stuck. Well, I guess we need to unstick them!!

Here's a small sampling of some that I found:

Golf estimation math game:

Friends and Family: I have known my friend Leslie since we were Equestrian Girl's age - 11. We met in 7th grade at OE Dunkel Junior High in Farmington Hills, MI. It was a LONG time ago. After undergrad school at UofM she moved east to Harvard, spend time in NYC, the far east, and then back to CT where she got married and settled into suburbia. That's the short version. Yesterday Leslie and Jim ventured back to Michigan to visit her parents and privileged us with a lunch date. We had a wonderful time catching up and the kids had fun finding out how she made he way onto Jeopardy! for her 15 minutes of fame! I should be posting a picture of Leslie and Jim together but I found this one first and I like it.

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Great pictures, looks like everyone's having a good time.