Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Random Horse Related Bits and Spurs

Madison and I have been getting to ride together quite a bit lately and I love it so much!  She gets Vince from Maggie's barn next door and I put Mata Hari to work.  We have a nice little system  down so we finish everything up at the same time going home happy and tired with ponies tucked in for the night.

Other nights we trade in our breaches for dress up clothes and go see a show - this one was "Cabaret".  

We've been cleaning out the "horse room" in the basement of the Whitmore Lake house since it's listed for sale.  We have found so many things we no longer need including this collection of western spurs.  And this wasn't all of them...

Even when we have to ride inside, I never tire of this view over Mata Hari's ears.

Sometimes we look out and find her Perchy Cross boyfriend looking back at us!

I took this picture to send to Madison one morning.  I was dressed in a skirt suit wearing these fancy tights and had to stop at Maggie's barn to pick up a poop sample to drop off at the vet's on the way to Lansing.  So there I was, in the blowing rain, wearing my muck boots with my suit to go fetch a ball of poop.  The things we do for our horses.....

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OnTheBit said...

I love that you get some mommy daughter time at the barn! And I always go right to the barn after work, so Gen is very used to seeing me in dresses and muck boots! I have a $20 limit on any clothing item so I don't need "barn clothes" unless I am riding because everything I own is cheap :P